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Are you brand new to the world of being a self-employed entrepreneur? You're not the only one who feels this way. With a new firm comes new tax obligations, such as filing a T2125 form each year in addition to the standard T1 (personal tax paperwork).

The T2125 form is a crucial document. It helps the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determine how much money you made from your business and any expenses you incurred while running it. This data is used to calculate your tax return, as well as any money you owe in business taxes. We will assist you with:

  • You make all of the decisions.

  • You take advantage of personal tax credits.

  • You keep all of the profits.

  • Simple tax structure and rewards

  • Losses can be applied to other sources of income to generate funds.

  • The business lifespan is the same as the owner's (continuity concern).

  • You are personally responsible for all financial and legal liabilities.

  • You protected your business name.

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