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Filing corporate taxes has its own set of rules, criteria, and responsibilities. Whether you're a tiny business, a medium-sized company, or a multinational organization, tax filing can include calculations, payment tracking, remittances, and deductions. Year after year, tax compliance is put at risk by continually changing provincial and federal requirements.


VR Counting for Accuracy works with businesses of all sizes on corporate income tax planning, preparation, and filing through their accountant or CPA. By putting your company in the best possible position for future growth, you can reduce risk while increasing value.


Don't endanger your company's future and reputation. Our CPAs have the company tax preparation skills you need to make the most of your earnings while staying within the law.


The business is a separate legal entity from its owner.

  • Business owners may be one or more people.

  • Because corporations are separate legal entities, owners are not personally liable for the company's financial and legal liabilities (limited liability).

  • The corporation’s directors make decisions.

  • The company has an unlimited life span.

  • The reduced corporate tax rate

  • It is easier to raise money and/or grow your company.

  • Small businesses may be eligible for certain tax deductions and other tax benefits. A company's name has limited protection.

  • Setup and preservation are both costly

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